Sidewalk Obstruction Bingo
  • Go for a walk. When you see a sidewalk obstruction, tap it on the board. If you don't get a bingo in one walk, don't fret! Your browser will remember your squares so you can keep going for walks until you get a bingo.

  • When you get a bingo, you'll have the option to enter your information for a prize drawing.

  • If you decide to start a new board, the tiles will re-shuffle so your card will look different every time you play.

Sharing the location will allow us to better advocate for obstacle-free sidewalks.
Scooter in Walkway

Contact the e-scooter company directly using information on the scooter, or find contact information on the City's E-Scooter Reporting and Feedback page.

All Other Issues

Can be reported on, or use the phone numbers listed below:

Broken Sidewalk: 503-823-1711
Illegal Parking: 503-823-5195
Overgrown Vegetation in the Right-of-Way: 503-823-4489
Work Zone Concern: 503-823-SAFE
Street Lighting: 503-865-5267
A-Frame Blocking Sidewalk: 503-823-1711
Refuse Bins in the Right-of-Way: 503-823-7202